Happy Birthday Champion

Happy Birthday brother and many more. Wish you a great year ahead.
Be a Champion!!

The Storyteller..

376832_3951144092258_122736395_nDue to him, I got my first lesson to have patience with kids. Ever since I am enjoying  putting kids to bed.  He is the one, whom I have seen growing up from a child to a man, someone who has been most adjusting among three of us,  really an intelligent, responsible , sensitive and delicate human being. He was most pampered kid among us but still grown up as very mature .  Our several small to big fights on who gets to watch his / hers favorites TV programs, to proud moments where journalists  came home to take his interview when we got a news that he stood among top students in not just in his school but at the state level.

How nice to recall all those moments and time we shared with each other. Those were the unforgettable moments when you met me and my family, holding…

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