Carnival ( Fasching).

Helau and Alaaf! Carnival 2015
“Fasching” is one of our favorite annual event which we like to attend together. Each time we thoroughly enjoy shouting “Helau and Alaaf” and collecting lots of Candies. This year we reached bit earlier and waited patiently for the proceedings to begin.¬†Fasching is celebrated in many Catholic part of Germany. Yesterday , it was Rosenmontag ( Rose Monday). And today it’s known as “faschingsdienstag” ( Carnival Tuesday).
It is the “Mardi Gras” of Germany. Officially the season starts on 11th Nov. at 11:11am. The days prior to Ash Wednesday, people are allowed to break rules, poke fun at those who make rules before the beginning of Lent.

IMG_7913 IMG_7941 IMG_7899IMG_7904


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