DIY – Maloe Story

She is currently enjoying best of her lifetime and is busy raising her preschooler. Working doctor to crafty stay home mom and  trying to stay sane, and taking one day at a time. Raising her child with “acts of kindness” for our neighbors, to build better relations locally or worldwide to an environmentally conscious mom who enjoys conserve energy and water. She tries to raise her kid to appreciate the natural world around him and to treat it with respect. Currently, indulging in a craft hobby whom she enjoys doing it with her preschoolers and sometimes with his friends. She has a passion and a gift for telling stories.

I have various inspirational sources from reusing the very simple stuff available at home like egg cartoons, toilet paper rolls, wood chunks and leaves which we usually collect on our way back home from Kindergarten from following random crafty blogs on internet. But my current inspiration is MALOE. He is an amazing craftsman, teacher who enjoys nature as much as using wood in to several form. He makes wonderful wooden instruments, tools and toys. Do check out his website and find out some amazing things. He is available locally and feel free to contact him.

Please feel free to share your personal crafty webpage in the comment below. Let the world know and share your ideas!
Big Thanks!


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