Kindergarten Life – Playing outdoor

I remember playing at our backyard, picking veggies,building snowman after first snow and playing outdoor in streets with friends. Many of my first most cherished memories comes from direct experience in nature together with my parent and grandparents. This could be the main reason that I’m deeply passionate about staying close to nature. Living in Germany has given me better opportunity to stay close to nature and explore. In Germany and many other european countries people live by the following mantra, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”. Spending time in nature is an obsession.

These days we have -2c to 4c temperature. Even though I have 100 reasons to stay outside and let my child play outdoor. Today I asked buddy if he feels cold.

Me: Is it ok if you stay outside in cold winters?
Buddy: Mommy, you’re funny!
Me : hmm.. silent.
Buddy : I am wearing clothes and look at the trees they do not have anything on top. So how can I feel cold?


Playing outdoor is a great way to build resilience, confidence and help him develop and extend physical skills. Every time I go there, I find something interesting about observing the shifting face of nature as one season turns into the next.

Researchers studying forest schools have found that outdoors, children hone their motor skills, engage in more creative play, have fewer conflicts, stay healthier, learn to be more independent and develop a compassion for nature and wildlife that is likely to last a lifetime.   


Outdoor classroom. 🙂


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