Its cold outside : Christmas

Even though I’m an absolute summer child, I have to admit that I love Christmas season. Its one of my favorite time during the year. All the fairy lights, snowflakes and the cool air, as long as I am wrapped up warm in my winter coat and my favorite scarf. One of the thing I truly love about Christmas season is the energy with in the Christmas markets.

This year again, I wandered around one of my favorite Christmas market in Strasbourg. Strasbourg’s Christmas market is the oldest in France, dating back to 1570, at a time when the Alsatian capital was not even French. In Alsace, it is locally known as the “Christkindelsmärik”, and takes place in the Old Town. Light and sound show at the Christmas market, Christmas decoration, lights and wooden stalls selling Christmas decoration was making me cozy and feel happy. I love walking around these Christmas markets zipping on some hot chocolate or Gluhwien (hot wine with fruits and cinnamon). Check some of the moments I captured.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of the year. Falling in love again, doing things which you have not tried yet, making some one smile and wandering through this universe one day at a time. 🙂

Last but not the least my favorite Christmas song for you. 🙂


Christmas decoration along the street.




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