My Hero in the kitchen.

My journey on quitting  sugar has been well worth time and effort. It happened quite with the ease. Food for me, is the most important way of showing emotions what I choose to eat and how I react afterwards and what I cook. I live a low sugar diet, where I know what I am eating and I love it. On weekly basis I try to vary up my weekly menu and show my boys that healthy can taste delicious. If I put good healthy food on the table and give my family the opportunity then that is best I can do to raise healthy eaters. This afternoon I and Buddy baked “Lemon tart” with healthier twist.


Main ingredients for Lemon Tart.


He loves squeezing lemon juice through a hand presser.


Measuring ingredients through weighing scale.


Counting Dates.


Mixture for the base.

Every time Buddy asks me if he can help me in the kitchen. Well this afternoon was quite special as we had lot of time to spent in the kitchen, where he got to learn and practice some basis math skills along with building his confidence and interest for healthy eating habits. I am one proud Mom! 🙂


Sugar Free, Gluten free Lemon Tart.


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