kindergarten life – 2


Wald Kindergarten! (Forest kindergarten)

I grew up in a town where I played outside everyday with the kids from the neighborhood. We built tree houses and played several games on the street. Today the streets are busy and some what unsafe.  Unfortunately, today children will never get the experience of going outside with out adults to play all day.  But I am very happy what our Kindergarten is offering us.  I am understanding  them better with their teaching techniques and philosophies. They try not to impose processes. They let children naturally discover the processes they are ready for and initiate them. Provide the environment and opportunity. Choice is innately human.

I grew to love a wise expression the teachers used: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Despite parental fear that exposure to inclement weather sickens children, my experience was that children , including our son who regularly spent time in the open air (properly outfitted) stayed healthier than those kept indoors, despite winter temperatures that average around freezing.

Children learn through self directed, hands on, real world experiences.


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