The First pumpkin patch!

Coming weekend is around the corner and we have some exciting stories to share from the last week. I and buddy had nice trip to the pumpkin kiosk to choose our Halloween pumpkin. In addition to that we found several form of pumpkins including Snake pumpkin etc.
Pumpkin patch is one of our favorite Fall activity and we would still like to go some other places.
This fall, door decoration was delightful . Now buddy has a nice story to share, how he helped decorating the door and his Pumpkin patch experience this year.  🙂


Different shapes of beautifully painted Pumpkins.


Gorgeous pumpkins

fall 2014 pic

Fall Door deco.


Pumpkin patch

Over the weekend we visited  Chestnut festival in the next state. It was fascinating experience to understand cultural aspect of another state. The scenery was absolutely stunning and luminous sun was adding charm. The  vast vineyards, delicacy of the region know as  Kringelfritz and new wine was perfect for a family outing. Buddy had great time feeding sheeps and eating his favorite wurst (German sausage). Chestnuts in cakes, breads, sausages, biscuits and even in Pasta sauces was adding unique flavor.
Chestnuts are called Kastanien in German. Happy Autumn!!!


Traditionally dressed lady, reciting historical stories. She agreed to pose for my camera.



Shop at the festival.


3 thoughts on “The First pumpkin patch!

  1. I love your pumpkins. What fun! I hope you bought lots of candy for the trick-or-treaters, though, as I suspect you will be drawing a crowd with all of that color tempting the kiddies. Good job! 😉

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