Modern electronics & child development.

Over the weekend, I came across couple of nice articles on limiting screen time for children and how to work on enhancing their social skills and language.  As our Son is raised trilingual, we ended up having several discussions on how we can provide various platforms where he finds it ease on learning three languages simultaneously. During the last week his teacher in the kindergarten wanted to know how would his German language skill effect if he will go to India for a longer period?

Despite my relentless determination and enthusiasm in my first year of German language, it wasn’t until about 3 years after I had started this journey that I one day had this incredible epiphany moments during a conversation with some German friends, when they said “ I don’t even have to try to understand you”

  It really did happen to me.  I feel you need to have a lot of exposure to real, native speaker conversation in order to get better at it. Time spent listening to language on the TV does not engage language-learning areas like real language.

There’s very little parental guidance to teach  appropriate forms of conversation and interpersonal skills. Parents who are involved will always find time for parent and child conversations, with plenty of human interaction even if they place no limits on screen time. Parent child time is the best way even to enhance parents awareness of how children learn and specifically how their own child learns best.

There’s a lot we know about screen time after decades of research. There is evidence that it:

  • Impairs eyesight
  • Leads to obesity
  • Is tied to ADHD
  • Slows language development
  • May lead to Autism
    By and large, our habits form who we are, and our childhood forms the foundation of our habits.  Make it your child’s habit to consume from modern high-tech platforms, and he will be a faithful consumer well into his most valuable years.  Get him out there building toys, reading books, playing sports, and he might just inadvertently pick up the habits that lead to success. 

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