When you receive Hope..

You can’t expect both ends of a sugar cane to be sweet! With all that happening around us, must satisfy ourselves with the thought, glass is half-full than half-empty.  But when we accept life living in insecurity; nothing else would come in between; it will be so much fun.

Think of death, can anyone avoid that, when such an insecurity lurking behind,  you still don’t accept life is insecure.

Like a soldier approaching battlefield, when he leaves home so much of sadness, enroute so much to discourage him, but finally when he is there he smiles, laughs quite often, nothing would deter him from fighting with so much courage.

Like, life is living insecurity, when its secured there exist no life, we die of illness!!! So we face all that and come a winner. Have faith in yourself, world of happiness opens up..





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