Today I love!

 Today we skipped our afternoon nap. I picked buddy from his kindergarten and asked him “Do you know what is special tomorrow ? He said : I know mommy, It’s a Vatertag ( Father’s day). How are we going to surprise Dadda ?
Me : lets go to flower shop and you can choose the flowers you like to gift him.
Before going to flower shop, we came home,  got fresh and he drew some pictures on a piece of paper.  Afterwards, we both had wonderful time learning names and colors of few  flowers at the flower shop.
It was time for his art class, where he is encouraged to play with colors and allowed  to get dirty and messy. Seeing orange color smeared around his mouth conveyed that how much he had enjoyed there. He was  carrying a piece of paper in his  hands and  said its a teddy for my Dadda. I will surprise him tomorrow with his gifts on Father’s day. What happened when his Dadda came home, I will update later….


” The colorful Teddy”

Children learn to form relationships, they learn language, work on their motor skills, discover emotions and feelings, through play. We were raised in a nation of competitiveness, and we have books, magazines, television, internet, all telling us when and how.

It’s hard not to be determined to make your child better than another. It took time for  myself to study peaceful parenting. There is no race, only a child learning at their own pace.

I understood that how important it is to allow my child to be a child and I’m proud of his accomplishments. I truly believe that I should not prepare my child for Kindergarten or School ! I should try to make him ready for life. Play is LEARNING !


3 thoughts on “Today I love!

  1. True selfless parenting is a true blessing from the one we love each day…it will always pay great dividends in the end!…thanks for the blessing of your words and visits my sister! Spiritual hugs and blessings to you and your family…may your weekend be so very blessed!

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