It all happened on Mother’s day!


I planned a bus trip with buddy on Mother’s day and to have breakfast somewhere in the town. I told him the plan before he went to bed last night. He specially asked me to have croissants. This morning  as soon his Dadda whispered in his ear “its Mother’s day” he came jumping with numerous kisses. The conversation went like this:

Buddy : Happy Mother’s day mommy.
me: Thank you.
Buddy : What do you like to have as a present?
Me : Your kisses and hugs
Buddy : Hmm.., Dadda, how can i pack my kisses?
Trust me i could not stop smiling for long. My eyes were wet almost for the whole day. Missing my mother and joy of being a mother.
I asked him to get ready, he said I like to play for sometime. Mommy, can I play for sometime? I said, yes you can.

Suddenly, I thought what if we can change our plan, I asked him if we could continuing playing at home. He said, yes Hurray! We spent almost our whole day playing hide and seek, role play of a monster and a police. He had couple of empty water bottles as his safety guns. What a fun!

Our time on the dinning table was my favorite time from the day, I made his favorite pasta for dinner. I can’t tell how happily he went to bed. Raising a happy child doesn’t just happen. It’s worth it! When you are a wife, mother or a parent, be in that moment. Suck up every drop, because those moments are going fast and will not last forever.
 Wish you all happy Mother’s day!



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