Learning to share and accept the denial.


Yesterday, we had a surprise visit from a Buddy’s friend. He was passing through our street and asked his mother if he can say hello to buddy. As soon as they see each other, they got really excited and happy. Although they do not see each other that often. They gave us no chance and in no seconds they both went upstairs & started playing. After sometime both boys  continued  to play with  couple of cars . It’s interesting to notice that how kids play and enjoy with their toys when they are with friends. Otherwise most of their toys are simply ignored.

Before his friend says bye to him, he asked if he can borrow one of his car? Buddy said “BIG NO”. I asked him once if he likes to offer. But at the same time I did not want to push or influence his decision by any means. His mother said, my son has learnt from his kindergarten and most of the time they share toys among each other in a group.  Although buddy has a basic idea about sharing but borrowing toy was in his first experience. 

Many times I have noticed kids, for instance, see a lot of toys or interesting things with their friends and there is an immediate follow-up demand. Parents, especially those with busy schedules and decent disposable incomes don’t like to deny their kids pleasures (have you seen the number of toys that just live inside boxes and under beds once they’re brought home?).

I really like to learn more on how to teach a preschooler about sharing things. I would rather like to build a play or an interesting activities around this. And also talking on how other feels, which will help him understand life from someone else’s perspective, and I feel which is a great skill to have.

I remember a whole bunch of us and neighbors sitting around in our living room, watching TV during major cricket series when I was a kid. It was actually a whole lot more fun than watching the matches alone, as is the norm now. I personally like the idea of  sharing and borrowing toys/things specially among close group of friends. This would also encourage kids to interact, and share whatever they have  and would also helps social interaction, negotiation skills, and a respect for valuation of considered needs and desires over every impulse to own this and have that.

 They say Children often take their cues from what they see their parents doing. Even worse is stuff that we maybe use couple of times in a year, but each of us must have it. 




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