Curiosity Hunt.

Its been couple of instances already, when our 3 years old came up with unexpected questions and some surprising things.  He caught me off guard with these questions but at the same time we appreciated his observation.

Buddy : Dadda, Why trees have only One leg?
Dadda : Hmm
Buddy : And we have two legs?
Dadda : Trees stand on Roots and don’t move like us and animals.

This morning when I was driving him to his play school. He asked me enthusiastically. 

Buddy : Mommy, Does our car has battery?
Me : No it has no battery.
Buddy : It has something else?
Me: Something else means?
Buddy : No, I mean how does it work ?
Me: It works with  fuel, our car has fuel called Diesel. Do you remember our last visit to tank station?
Buddy: Yeah, Ok.
I  hope that our best attempts to answer his queries don’t deter him from demanding explanations. I would enjoy answering these question as often as I can. I wish  to take a big piece of paper and draw pictures as I give the explanation next time. So many adventures to share with him!




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