It’s Birthday time.

Waking up on BIRTH DAY is a great feeling that is beyond any comparison. I LOVE celebrations, I love birthdays. I’m always excited to have my family and friends around, specially on my birthday. It was my parents who  gracefully celebrated my birthdays. I still remember spending sleepless nights before I  can have my school friends to be the part of my celebration and from counting months on fingers for the next Birthday to come.

I am one of those crazy positive people who take life as a journey and know some parts of the journey are bumpy. Nothing is easy, but change isn’t so hard that it’s impossible. 
I am grateful for all the ups and  downs, they make me appreciate the ups, even more.

As for my life, I am blessed with one of the most amazing and world’s  best family.  And not forget for all the love that surrounds me. I am grateful to God for my health, my family, friends, love, and this amazing path that I am on.

Thank you Mummy and Papa, I wouldn’t be here if it were not for you.  Thank you more for raising me right, for leading by example and for such a loving home. You’ve given me strength to strive for my goals, to be independent and never settle for less.

I am continuously working to be kind and compassionate. 



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