A morning at the zoo.


DAI story time and  Easter egg hunt on wednesday was a great hit. Next morning we decided to visit the zoo. It was a lovely and sunny morning. We had been talking about it for weeks. I realized it later that its been exactly a year since we came here last. It was great to recall all my memories which i had gathered with buddy when he was year younger.

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Same place, same pose, after a year. I could see Imagination, wonder in little Man’s eyes while he was gazing at several Flamingos.




IMG_4212-001He love animals and enjoys imitating them like any other kid.  Visiting a rat’s house is all time favorite. I noticed the same excitement as last year.  At the end of our visit, he could not see any rats, I explained  that all the rats are taking their nap like we do during afternoon.  He was too tired and ready to take his afternoon nap. He immediately said Ok rats, I will see you next time.  🙂
Like every time our visit to zoo was engaging, fascinating, educational and fun filled.



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