Kindergarten : Week # 1

It’s been a while, since I wrote my last post. Last week, I was adjusting with our new routine. Our boy started his kindergarten  and I have so much to write about our first week experience. But before I get in to any details, I have been raised in an education system where “ready” for kindergarten meant knowing all your letters, numbers, writing your name, counting objects etc. But with this new ongoing experience at his kindergarten, I have to rethink and re-plan my ideas of parenting.

On his first day, buddy was quite amazed, we parked the car and started walking to the forest, he asked me enthusiastically and mustering all curiosity..
Buddy : Mommy, where is my Kindergarden?
Me:  We need to walk a bit further in the forest.
Buddy : My Oma said there are animals in the forest.
Me : No, in this forest there is access to everyone so there are no animals.
Buddy : Ok.
Buddy : But I can’t see my kindergarten.
Me :  There is one shed, can you see that?
Buddy :  Ohh! Yes, I can.

His idea of a kindergarten was based on his past two year’s in the day care.  He expected a building with big roof and a well maintained  lawn along with variety of toys , set of legos, play-mobils, soft cushioned jumping area etc. In the first week, he spent time to explore things in this new place,  getting adjusted to  new routine. But towards the end of the week he started exercising his imagination, it was fantastic when he imagined a monster made up of tree branches. We are happy to see that he has freedom to make his own choices at his Preschool where getting dirty is perfectly fine.

I understood that my role as a mother would be to prepare him for life, by providing him various engaging opportunities and an stimulating environment which reflect his interests and abilities.

They believe that a child should know “what counts most”  than to teaching a child “how to count“. They let kids free in nature and let them sort rocks, pick flowers and hold bubble wands.  Kids are learning to grasp through play. They are learning by watching clouds, finding imaginary animal shapes in them.

Looking forward for exciting time!




Way to Forest Preschool


An imaginary Monster


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten : Week # 1

  1. Wir haben uns auch sehr über den Text gefreut! Im fernen Amerika denken wir oft an unsren Kindergarten. Besonders Sami (fast 5 Jahre, ehemaliges Waldkind) vermisst seine Freunde. Er und sein großer Bruder David (7Jahre u auch ehemaliges Waldkind) haben sich beide Gedanken gemacht, ob das Kind denn Deutsch spricht? Wir wünschen euch eine ganz tolle Zeit im Waldkindergarten! Es ist für die Kinder und die Eltern wirklich eine ganz tolle u wertvolle Erfahrung! U schicken ganz liebe Grüße über den großen Teich!

  2. Liebe Anchal, Thilo stand vorhin hinter mir und hat versucht, den englischen Text zu verstehen. Er – jetzt 11 Jahre alt und ehemaliges Waldkind – hat wieder dieses Leuchten in die Augen gekriegt, was er immer hat, wenn er sich an seine Waldkindergartenzeit erinnert! Dankeschön!

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