Fun activities for a preschooler.


Its  quite interesting to notice how kid’s interests changes from week after the other. Specially, I am talking about toddlers and Preschoolers. There was a time when buddy had so much interest making puzzles and the only things he wanted to do was PUZZLES.  Afterwards he was quite fascinated by the cars and with his car parking track. He spent number of hours in a week playing with them. Then came the TOOL BOX, the hammer, screwdriver, handsaw, drill machines to occupy his attention for couple of hours. It is quite interesting that he has nothing favorite out of the above list and he keep alternating among them, however his interest for books remain the same. He loves when any one of us read a book or a story to him. He could enjoy reading the same book and the story many times.

At least twice a week, I like to spend my afternoons with him. Though we all enjoy being outside. But I feel it is also very important for child and parent to have some quiet hours during the week. I try to find some fun activities for his age so that we can create / learn something together. This week I was introduced to a wonderful German book called ” Der Regenbogenfisch”. Its a great book which has wonderful lesson with colorful pictures and to anyone who wants to teach/learn german.

We both had so much fun  this afternoon making “Regenbogenfisch”  Rainbow fish. How nice to see him holding and controlling scissors to cut a paper and his concentration was unfazed during the process.


2 thoughts on “Fun activities for a preschooler.

  1. Kids so busy with digital toys(as are adults). They don’t make things with their hands anymore.No tools, no paint brushes, colored pencils, cloth… Great deal of hand/mind coordination and creativity never nurtured. No wonder young adult can’t fix the light switch, or the window or a simple leaky sink.

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