It feels so good..

I would not have realized how it feels to tuck yourself inside quilt and to sleep for the whole day long..I never understood when people tells me how nice it is to sleep and spend a day with out doing anything. I could not believe myself spending whole day at home, it is close to impossible for a person like me who enjoy so much being outside. Honestly, this was one of the new normal thing i learnt during the last few days. Apart from all the weakness from the illness, I enjoyed so much being with myself. There are so many other things which I enjoyed being sick.
As soon my little buddy enter home he asked me everyday. Mommy, you feeling better? Trust me, it feels so good. I truly can not believe how quickly he is growing up.
I loved looking at my face book/ whats app messenger with all the sweet notes from family and friends. There are times when I feel alone but when I got to read such messages it feels so good.

Also I loved when friends brought meal home for us. What a blessing!! I can not thank them for thoughtfulness and support.

There are few things which I hate when I am sick..
When I have to postpone my appointments/not keeping up my promise, I hate it even though I know in this situation no way I can make it.
When i better understand about people who change with my situations/ circumstances. They were nice, friendly and ready to spend time as long as I was entertaining. But as soon as I cn’t do that they disappear as if they are so busy. Sometime I do wonder about the wrong choices made.

I hate the most when I can not prepare fresh and healthy meals for my family,clothes with out ironing?? ( I know, inside me an insane mom is living. Sighh!) . I hate when they have to make changes because i feel so weak and sick. I try to maintain distance so that they won’t catch infection. But in this whole process we tend to grow stronger and closer as a Family. We get reminded that we are so much loved by our family and friends.

Enjoy what you already have, Life is about loving and living. Love your self! 🙂


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