Weekend note..

I grew up in mountains and learnt to put up fights against all sort of challenges, along the way learnt how to present strong face against unknown and curvy roads that life may bring.

Since past week fighting with illness was enough. I thought parents are immune to sickness. A visit and stay in the hospital explained that I got the same infection which my Son was carrying a week before.

Life has changed so much in the past few days. All I need is my Mother beside my super caring husband. I miss that cuddle, love and care which ensures everything will be fine. There is so much to experience and enjoy in life. Stay strong!

In the past week, everyday i feel like I want to leave from here. To return to all the people, places and familiar feelings which basically make home feel like home. I guess its natural to feel homesick when you are are ill while living abroad.

I really hope this week will bring new life and energy.

Wishing you all a great start to new week. Live love laugh! Enjoy this song from my Home town.


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