Mommy says..

Weekend was unusual this time, we received emergency call from buddy’s day care and they said that he is not well. We picked him and Mommy tried to keep the smile on, just to ensure him that everything is fine and we are going to have our #Fridayafternoonfuntimes#. I knew we won’t be able to have much fun today.

He was not so sick that I should ring the emergency, I knew there is a doctor alive in me who could at least manage regular illness. Saturday began with all excitement and trip to furniture store. He was denying to eat anything but I was trying to keep his fluid intake up. We kind of took it easy and spent almost whole day outside. Thank God, he did not threw again that day. Excitement continued on Sunday as buddy’s Mundan ceremony was planned. It’s strange to celebrate important events away from family. Things were all set for ceremony. Our priest was a French national, who was reading Sanskrit mantra’s with a certain sense of harmony about the whole thing. This experience was nothing short of Amazing !
Buddy was as happy and excited like we were.

On the way back home buddy asked to eat something, we were relieved that finally he wanted to eat. As soon he finished half of his tidbits, he threw again. So it appeared that doctor’s visit was inevitable.

Next morning, I took him to the doctor and she confirmed a viral stomach infection which would take few days to subside. I was instructed to watch his diet. She wrote some medicine for vomiting and as soon we entered the pharmacy, he vomited again. This Mom reacted as if it was expected and I was not at all embarrassed. I tried to carry him out of shop and he threw up again at the shop’s entrance. I managed to collect medicine and said sorry to the lady at the counter. As soon we came out of the pharmacy he innocently said, “Mommy this happened automatically”. I couldn’t stop smiling and said, this is perfectly fine and you will be “ok” soon. He said in his style “Ohh Yaa”! I loved him for his innocence.

We had some rough days but its always wonderful to have him home and spend some more time with him.

Last but not the least special thanks to our friends who attended the ceremony and helped us through our rough times. You are special to us. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mommy says..

  1. Aawwww that’s really sweet….take care of him…n many many Congrates for his mundan ceremony…. Love u both… Bless u

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