Sunday FUnday..

The first thing he asked in the morning was Chocolate, even before saying anything else. It was  the time for us to have breakfast, I said lets first finish our morning routine and you will get it. We sat on the dinning table and he continuously was asking for it. I said, you need to wait for 10mins, I’m preparing our breakfast. I wanted to serve breakfast along with a piece of chocolate. 

The excitement, the joy was adding extra charm to our Sunday as soon he got his breakfast. I sat next to him. He said Mommy, I loved bread and Omelet. He enjoyed his breakfast and finished it. I even did not expect him to finish ,as I know how much he eats ever day. I found such a joy in making this win win situation. It was great lesson, to understand child’s psychology. He knows that his Mommy always ignores or denied his chocolate demand. 

Later in a day we had wonderful time making puzzles, skype call with his Aunt from India and with my Granny. After his afternoon nap, he was all excited to meet have his new friend home. He tried to enjoy with his new friend.  He was also a smiling and joyful child. I know he is missing his Dad around, he was not as friendly and happy, he normally is. He adds pure joy to my life and his talks are heavenly. 

He liked to talk to me and keep me awake during our bed time. He asked me to sleep on his bed , i said you can sleep with me for few days. He is a very Independent child and one of the best gift we received from God. I love you my Son.



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