Happy New year 2014

Image 2014

Travel Post # 2 Hola!

We drove 1027 km from Paris to arrive at our next destination “Barcelona”, the modern ancient city. Our four wheels kept us really comfortable and buddy kept us entertained. We had several singing sessions along the way. New unknown Landscapes were unfolding after every 200 kms and we also experienced first snow of this winter at the french Alps. 

Barcelona has so much to offer. Cuisine, culture, art, architecture and life of its own. After spending day one in Barcelona we really feel that we don’t have sufficient time to explore this city. We started to discover city on foot and visited one of the must see place “Basilica of the Sagrada Familia”. This building is still under construction but appearance of this was simply mind blowing and a great mix of modern and gothic architecture, it is considered one of the best of “Guadi’s” design. 

La Ramblas is one of the several happening places in Barcelona. We had great impression of the local life and tried traditional Paella and tapas in the afternoon. So far it is the best sample of Spanish food that we had. The service in the restaurant reminded us of India. Food, people and life appeared so much like our own. The fresh fruit and vegetables market is one of the own kind. 

Everything was set for New year, fresh washed grapes and Spanish Television programe and home made pasta “fettuccine”. Buddy added so much fun to our celebration, he participated in dancing, singing and eating “twelve grapes at midnight” along with the Gong. This one was one of the BEST Entry to any new year in our life. 

I will be posting some pictures soon. 

Happy New Year to you all. May all your dreams get fulfilled. keep reading good stuff and keep learning!

Gracias y feliz ano nuevo 2014!!



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