Paris in winter.


Travel Post # 1 Bonjour

In last two days I explored my favorite city once again. There is a strange mystery that I  share with this city, I discover new things each time visiting same places.

Paris is vibrant and has so much life. The city of light is looking Gorgeous with Christmas and new year lightnings. Champs- Elysees is beautifully decorated. The crowd in the area was extra ordinary.

First day I met my friend who lives in Paris for last many many years. No doubt it was a great fun to walk around the city and learning more about it. She had an amazing perspective for Paris being a foreigner and had great sense to appreciate beauty in simplicity. I had a good reason to sit in the cafe while sipping coffee over several historical talk on paris. This is one of the most pleasurable experience I take every time I visit the city. This time was unique with her.

I love long walks,  recollecting old memories, enjoying old city, and few historical places including Notre Dame cathedral.

I still do not understand art so well but I know what I like. French delicacies are one of my  favorite. Food is always high on my agenda while traveling, I do not miss the chance to try regional food. In last two days, I tried various Pastries, Pain Du Chocolat, Crepes, Macarons , Eclairs & Baguettes :))
Merci beaucoup !



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