Everything was special on that day – “24th April”


Its a day when I was born. My Mother says, that she was overwhelmed with a feeling of being mother for first time. But my Grand mother was not really happy because she wanted a boy as her first grand child. Never mind she was not able to make any changes as I was already there.

As time passes I found spending my best days of life with all the love, care and affection from my parents and Grand parents. I was one of those pampered child but not spoiled. My mom was like a Major from a Army who was strict, strong, disciplined and dedicated. I still remember counting months and days for my Birthday party. I saw my parents celebrating our birthdays (me and siblings), every year without a fail. Specially for my Mother it was a special time to express her affection and appreciate our yearly achievements.

Since then I love to celebrate my birthday every year. Of course I still wait for my birthday month and like to plan in way that I could meet all those people who contributed, participated in my previous year or time. But I regret not to be with my family because of the distance between different lands. Its funny that I like to be surprised on most of the occasions but not on my birthday.

Its been more than three years ago I met her on the same street where I live. It was a one of the hot day from summer 2010. I saw her clearing the weeds from the street. After a 2hours or so she was still there. I asked myself does she need a glass of water? I offered her a glass of water as I went outside. She says that she fell in love with me on the same day.

I am eager to share this beautiful love story about her and me in one of my next post. Again, Well she makes every year special for me. She adds the charm on my Birthday with most amazing Birthday cake and very thoughtful gifts. Photo you see above was my Birthday cake from this year. Yes, she made it.

I lived another beautiful year and celebrated the beginning of new year with wonderful people out there in life. Made true bonds with those amazing people who supported, guided and loved me unconditionally. Missed those who gave me wonderful memories to cherish for lifetime. I just kept plunging and plunging and plunging and for whole year. Spent time for flights of fancy in my own mind and re imagine it all over again and again, done in different, sometimes ridiculous, ways.

Not letting fear and doubt rule, I’m sure there are awesome things I want to do. Excited to explore and discover…


4 thoughts on “Everything was special on that day – “24th April”

  1. Nice to see you returned to blogging after such a long time. I am looking forward to read the next part, where you reveal who is “She”. 🙂

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