Note to Myself..

 Sooner or later you tend to seek change in life. Human mind is processed like that. You always look for something else, which is good, if you know that you’ll (are) enjoying doing it. One must stay hungry until he or she dies.

If you say you will be settled after kids, having house or bank balance, its not settlement. Its your necessity. There is nothing called security or settlement in life. Life is about exploring, dreaming, realizing your dreams and to work on your dreams, If you don’t than “who” would do it for you. Spend on your learning, your personal growth. Money and material has no end. But one should try everything he or she likes in lifetime. Give your self time, enjoy the phase, do not let anyone stop dreaming you. Do what you feel like doing. Its good to think more than doing anything, talk about it as much as you can, you will get your answers. No one knows you better than you know yourself. Be true to yourself!!

Everyone is confused in this world. No body knows the formula of success, you can not live anyone’s life. You just have to keep trying. ONE DAY YOU WOULD certainly know WHERE YOUR PASSION LIES.  People spend whole of their lifetime just doing things which they would not have liked doing it. They are doing just because others have done it or they think it would be easy to follow someone. They have had realized but it is too late for them to bring back passed years. Just be careful about it.

You are doing wonderful so far and I am sure you will continue doing it. You are too young to be satisfied!!
Keep exploring, keep searching, Keep committing mistakes. If you won’t do mistakes, you won’t grow. Do not expect too much from your self. You won’t get this free and relax time.


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