I held those tears.

Day begun with excitement and fun. Another Saturday, to enjoy together and it was too bright outside. We as a family are always in excitement to keep each other happy, to do something together. It could be staying home and playing with our little boy or going out to explore new places or eating out, every time at new restaurant. We had have always loved to go out rather than sitting home and watching Television.
My hubby was so excited to play cricket tournament this afternoon and he was all set. Since he was practicing regular.  It was me who encouraged him to take part in some group sport. He is a family man, his whole world is around his work and his family. I do not want him to go today as i never liked to be without him when there is weekend. We always do things together whether its going for weekly grocery shopping or running daily errands.Yes, apart from cooking.
This saturday, I wanted to spend time with him. But at the same time I did not want him to stay home and miss playing. He left home this afternoon and we have plan to go there, during the second half of the day. As it was too hot outside, I decided to stay back home with our little boy and planned to go out in the second half of the day. It was 16uhr and I have not got any call from him. I tried calling him on his mobile and it was out of network coverage. I thought he left his mobile phone in the car. I continued watching a documentary movie on Greece on its current state. Our little boy was awake by that time from his afternoon nap. We both were so excited to go out with him once he will come back and to hear how did he play.

Around 17uhr, I got a call from his friend saying he got injured and has been taken to emergency surgery clinic in Heidelberg. I could not ask much as I was broken. He said he will send somebody to pick us from home, to visit him in the hospital. He is the most delicate person in our family. He cries when he sees someone in pain or even if he gets headache.When we were on the way to hospital he sent me a message on my mobile *  Don’t worry things will be fine. But its going to take some time and trouble for you, I am sorry*.

We reached hospital and when I hugged him I wanted to shed those tears. This could be my normal reaction. But this was the first time, i held those tears. I did not cry at all. I knew that I can not stay with him in the hospital with our little boy. He has to be there alone in the hospital. And I have to be with our little one at home.

Doctors told us that his ankle joint got dislocate along with three fractures in the leg. He needs to be operated by tomorrow morning. I felt so helpless for a while, I thought we have no one here from our family. But the second thought came in to my mind was, It is important for us that he should get better and come back home soon. I wish God give us strength to deal with this situation and I pray for his speedy recovery. He is one of the best human being, I have ever met. I know he won’t suffer much, he is harmless and a very kind person.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”. Arnold Bennett.


5 thoughts on “I held those tears.

  1. I too pray and wish God give you people, strength to deal with this situation and for speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and your family. Things will be perfectly fine very soon.

  2. Oh my God, Di.. I m sorry to know that. I wish him a speedy recovery. And with your love and care he will be playing Cricket very soon.

    Please take care.

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