My Life : “Time”

It was belief of my Mother that Morning is the best time for a child to study. On the other hand i found it so difficult to get up in the morning and study. It was a stress on my head to get up early in the morning and specially during my Exams. Some of you won’t believe but I prayed every night saying, God please wake me up early in the morning. Trust me, every morning I failed.  First words of my Mother i heard daily, “Get up, wash your face and take your books”. I felt sad when I could not manage to get up. I used to ask myself why this Morning time is so important. Who made this “Time Thing”?

I grew up listening to the importance of time. Study hard, before your final exams, as there is less time remaining. There was a time when I was a school going girl, there was a time when I went to the Medical college, there was a time when I got my first Job and there was a time when I got married. Yes, there was a time when I moved abroad with my family. Is this the time which is changing or is this me who is changing with  “Time” ?

I remember, as a child to wait for my Birthday every year and found a year to be so long. I felt time is moving too slow. I kept on waiting for the festivals, birthdays and celebrations every year. But recently, i realized that time is flying and its already half way through the year. Does this thought resonate with you?

If yes, then why are we so busy? What keeps us so occupied that we have no time for each other? Every relationship is complaining each other for time. We have no time to help each other, we have no time to greet each other. Notion of time has not changed, have we?



2 thoughts on “My Life : “Time”

  1. This post speaks for all of us. Even I remember My Mother saying that, “Morning is the best time for a child to study”. For me it was one of the most difficult job to get up early. To be honest, it is still difficult for me. 🙂 But yes, life keeps on changing and we have to accept and enjoy each phase of life as the come with a set of predefined rules and regulations. 🙂

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