Hope you remember me..

My last post was on 22/02/2012 and since then I have been busy with many wonderful thingsImage

I would say, I have lived one of the best part of my life. But every night before I went to bed, i thought about my world which belongs to me and only me, My world of blogging. On 28/02/2012 my son had his first birthday. Yes, he turned One!! Me and my husband were so excited about it. Each day, we were planning  something new to make his birthday special. How to express that we love him the most, knowing that he is not going to understand anything. It was the state of super excitement and nervousness.

Finally, the day arrived and we spent few hours with him in the swimming pool, second half went in his photo shoot and evening was spent with few friends. I can never forget his smile when we all sang birthday song for him. I realized that I got extra birthday in the year, without growing older myself!!

Month of March started with new projects and challenges. But I am glad that i am back to blogging and hope to be regular. I appreciate your support and regular visits 🙂


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