Month of Love.

I feel happy when I see people in Love and people caring about each other.I do love few people in my life and care about them. But this year during the Month of Love,I have asked myself : Do I really understand Love,Why do I feel it towards some people than another? I have had many times arguments,fights, complaints with people whom I have loved the most.Even for past few years I have learnt to live with out them  which was close to impossible.I would have never imagined that I could stay with out all of them being not in frequent contact. It doesn’t mean that I have stopping loving them.

 You can not stop yourself loving all the human being on the earth or caring about each other.Love is with in me and with in all of us.You sing for Love,You dance for Love.I see people writing stories and composing poems for Love.They pine for Love and they die for Love.No body can live without it.Love is the most powerful sensation on earth. Love is with in Us. Our only challenge is to understand each other.

Lets  take a challenge and make this is year one of the best Year for your Love.


17 thoughts on “Month of Love.

  1. i feel too about love! if its not love then what is it that makes me wake up every morning forgetting the failures of the day gone by!
    in that sense all hope is connected to love for the world at some point!
    i enjoyed reading this post!

    ” PINE TREES ”
    “LOVE IS IN THE AIR “………………….natures best gift………!!!!!!

  3. Those are the best thoughts on love, Anchal. i like to add;
    Duty without love is deplorable. Duty with love is desirable. Love without duty is Divine.

    If you truly love someone, you will set him free. (unknown author )

  4. I really adore this line “No body can live without it.Love is the most powerful sensation on earth. Love is with in Us”…You’re truly right 🙂

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