Receiving Candle lighter award :)

I am so overjoyed and motivated to receive “Candle Lighter award” .Thank you mellifluousmurmurs for choosing my blog “Just a thought” for this award. Your act has deeply moved my emotions.
First of all, I would like to tell  that today, when I logged in to my account and got an update for receiving an award was something unbelievable.For an instance, I did not find it  true 🙂
This award  is very special for me because of many reasons .I am not a writer or not even close to a real writer. I got motivated to keep on writing. I just thought of having a wordpress account as I heard many times about this website. Finally, I created an account for doing something productive in a day,  feel contented to share my feelings and thoughts through my  words. This year,  It is one of my wish to keep on walking in life to learn something new everyday and I am sure to fulfill this. 
Best wishes and thanks to all my blogger friends for your contribution in my quest to understand myself. Keep on sharing and let others light their candle.:) 🙂


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