We create our world around us by our thoughts, speech and action. I remember my friend, mentioning me as how we create a cave around us with our strong belief system. If we can at least accept this concept, and for now, give some undivided attention to how we have created our world around us. Have a look around us. What do we see? Everything that we see have been created using the same process of belief system. Our beliefs are so strong that we do not accept anyone feelings. As we move along our individual journey, each of us gathers together these many beliefs and build subsequent values that begin to characterise each of us. These beliefs can play a huge part in the game of life. Beliefs can limit us in our thoughts and the way we hold our conversations each day. In turn, complaining about everything around  us, about nature, Government of the country, family, friends and what not.

Lets not try to find the reason of happiness in others. Lets not try to change anyone, your children, your friends or anyone, to attain your happiness. If we, try to do so, then we will never be happy in our life. For example, parents have problems  with their children, complaining, children must listen to us as they are young and they do not know what is right or wrong for them. Being parents we think that we are always right,  they should always listen to us, because  we want them to be. As a result they can never build a healthy relationship among each other. Which we call as “Generation Gap”. Let be a guide for them but do not build a wall on their way. Let everyone grow in the natural pace. Ultimately,happiness lies with in ourselves, happiness is our natural state.

Create some difference between an unhappy feeling and then quickly exchange that with a more pleasant experience or a happy feeling that pleases us. We will certainly find that we  can do this simply because we want to.

“Since you get more joy out of giving  joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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