Live In The Moment

No matter what the specifics of your definition, the majority of people seem to agree that living for the present moment and living life over just existing are good things. I would be with that group. There is a huge difference between living and simply existing and I firmly believe. For me living life in the present is part of living life to the fullest. The two aren’t exact synonyms, but are closely related. For some people living in the moment means slowing down and pacing through the day with more deliberation. Others believe living in the moment automatically means  looking for little adventure , something extra to make that day a little different and more distinct than a normal run through the schedule day. learning to live in the moment can mean a nice cool breeze, laughing and dancing in the rain, swimming, walking or running into new people to chat with. There are many reasons to enjoy life, many adventure big or small to embrace. Sometimes  the smallest thing can be an absolute driving force. How often a has a smile,random hello or small act of kindness turned your day from complete crap to something seemed not so bad.

“A Morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.”

“And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

“If you done it, it ain’t bragging.”

“Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle.”

“The beauty of independence, departure, actions that rely on themselves.”

“To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.”

(Walt Whitman)


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